Welcome to the DBT Recovery Center

The DBT Recovery Center provides Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for individuals who struggle with overly distressing emotions, such as shame, anxiety, anger and addictions to substances, such as alcohol or drugs.  In some people, these feelings are accompanied by feelings of chronic emptiness, urges toward self-harm (i.e., cutting) or possibly even suicide.  DBT is rooted in strong clinical research that has shown it to be effective for treating a broad range of psychological problems.
A warm and caring atmosphere is provided by the staff of the DBT Recovery Center who are not only experts in the mental health and addictions field, but also personally committed to recovery in life.  Those who walk through our doors often comment on how different and comforting it feels.  It is our goal to provide the finest, evidence-based psychological treatment in a compassionate environment.
The services provided by The DBT Recovery Center include:
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP):  The IOP is an intensive program for individuals struggling with substance and mental health issues, addiction, and borderline personality disorders.   It utilizes the strong foundation of DBT and combines it with both group and individualized support from addiction experts.  The IOP program provides a strong alternative to more expensive residential treatment programs and often allows individuals to remain employed while receiving the care they need.  The IOP program consists of 9 hours of treatment per week.  Unlike many traditional IOP programs, The DBT Recovery Center includes both weekly individual psychotherapy sessions and addiction coaching sessions.  The high level of individualized care is what makes the DBT Recovery Center's program highly effective.  For more information on the IOP, call 310-890-4059.

  • Individual and group psychotherapy:  Licensed clinical psychologist and founder of The DBT Recovery Center, Alan Downs, Ph
    .D., provides weekly individual psychotherapy.  Dr. Downs is intensively trained in DBT and is well-known as a skilled therapist and the author of 8 books in the field of psychology.  An important element in DBT is the learning of skills to assist in emotion regulation and distress tolerance, among others .  The DBT Recovery Center offers several skills groups during the week which are designed to assist clients in acquiring the skills they need to improve their lives. To make an appointment for individual psychotherapy with Dr. Downs, call 310-871-9368. 

  • The DBT Recovery Center accepts Blue Cross, Blue Shield. and other insurance plans for the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)..